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Enabling an IT based platform with the purpose of facilitating businesses and people to design, plan and manage their events in the most amazing and memorable ways and manners thereby adding value, taste and aura, people find hard to forget.


Why we are here

As they say, “no one can change the past, but God.” That is the raison d’état for the Event Managers as clients want their events to be planned and managed in the best possible way, without any hiccups & disturbances as there are no second chances, for most of the people.

Events make lives and life gives birth to events. We all give special importance to events chiefly once the event has some deep personal or business value. Few events are like life changing events after which the complete course of one’s life changes, like marriage, graduation, new job, etc. The same also hold good for businesses and corporate world.

In the past few decades it has been experienced that people want to make events memorable and in line with their taste and social standings. WE WANT THE BEST and FIRST OF ITS KIND are the mantras we hear more than often. Raising to the occasion, quite a few people and firms have come up with their specialty as EVENT MANAGERS. The problem however lies in getting in touch with the good guys and the ones who are more relevant to that particular event.

Who we are

At Evento Guru we provide a platform for the Clients (people/businesses) to reach out to the event managers in a much more easier and interactive way so that the right firm is picked for the particular function or event. The services we provide are:

  • Provide a forum for event managers to get registered in our specially designed enlistment Architecture and showcase their specialties and core ideas and values.
  • Afford to our valued clients, a wide array of event managers profiles and details along with their credentials for engaging them for their own events.
  • Providing an opportunity for the business groups and event industry firms/ people to showcase their events and market them on this platform and reach out to millions of clients & vendors.
  • Enabling conduct of educational and social events/gatherings and workshops for the overall well being and growth of the society.
  • Based upon the feedback of the clients and survey of our professional teams, introduce a grading system for various event managers and firms, hence facilitating the clients to take the right decisions. The system would label and grade the firms as under:-
    1. General. All vendors/even managers with no specific grading or recommendation.
    2. Featured. Well reputed and branded firms who are willing to be part of our grading system.
  • Trusted. Event Managers who are strongly recommended and whose services will be guaranteed by Event Guru
  • Trough our featured and Trusted vendors, providing end to end and beyond event management services.
  • Providing job and career forum for the people as well firms
  • Providing a place for people to chat, write blogs, send their comments and give their valued input in surveys etc.

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